One application to automate the functional, regression, and load testing of web, Windows, and Java applications.

For Developers and Testers

  • Record-and-playback technology
  • GUI-based drag-and-drop scripting
  • IDE with full scripting language

The Latest Technologies

  • Web, Win, and Java apps
  • HTML 5, Flash, AJAX, and more...
  • .NET, Win32, Qt, and more...

Simulate disk, memory and network limitations to test desktop application behavior in unfavorable operating environments.

Less Stressful Stress Testing

  • Limit disk, memory, and network
  • Continue using existing debug tools
  • No need to maintain special VMs

Eliminate Hard-to-Find Defects

  • Reproduce obscure customer issues
  • Verify minimum system requirements
  • Test in unfavorable environments